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Launch of the eBook Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor and New Website for Educators

New eBook Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor has been officially launched together with the newest website for educators, The website and the eBook hopes to give proper guidance to all online instructors and help them in successfully navigating the complex yet fun world of online teaching.

Online teaching has become one of the most in demand professions in this modern society and many people are starting to realize the benefits of becoming an online professor. However, just like any career, being an online educator is far from being easy and one needs to have the right set of skills and knowledge to ensure that only the best kind of education will be imparted to the online students. has been primarily created to serve as a portal where all online professors will find camaraderie in the world of online teaching and understand its different aspects, intricacies, challenges, and other relevant information. Education and services directed toward online professors, information about using authorship to establish expertise, and eBook publishing are also offered on the Modern Instructor website.

Together with the launch of the website, the eBook entitled Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor has been released with the same purpose – to make online professors familiar with online teaching. The book covers pertinent information including career management, classroom management as well as understanding the online student.

Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor is published and available in Kindle platform on Amazon. This one of a kind book is also the fruit of collaboration and hard work of 12 modern higher education administrators and professors, including Deborah Gilbert, Dani Babb, Christopher Kline, Kathy Hansen, Josephine Lipuma, Mark Lawler, Diane Pawar, Dawn O’Day, Tomeka Prescott, Carissa Pelletier, Tara Ross, and Holly Sprinkle.

“I wish I had this book when I started teaching online classes because it takes the uncertainty out of the picture.” – Janet Bargar

“This is a fantastic book and a must read for anyone teaching online or interested in becoming an online professor.” – momto3photographerandprofessor

With the launch of the eBook and the official website of, online professors may now have the perfect partner to ensure a successful career and a better way of guiding their online students.


For more information about the eBook Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor, you can grab a copy at or visit the official website at

Carissa Pelletier

Carissa Pelletier

Carissa is a veteran Pathologists' Assistant and Adjunct Instructor in the biological and health sciences. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science and Technology and an M.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids and is the publisher and editor-in-chief of an international publication.