Become a Published Author

Become a Published Author

In the rapidly changing higher education landscape, distinguishing yourself from the crowd is a challenge. Modern Instructor promotes the exchange of ideas within the higher education community through publication of high quality, collaborative ebooks. By providing a wide audience exposure, our goal is to provide faculty and administrators both a voice and a platform to share your perspective through the power of publication.

Pathway to Publication

The fastest way to become a published author and have an instant group of co-authors to collaboratively market your eBook is to apply to Modern Instructor’s Pathway to Publication publishing program!

If your topic is approved for a book project, you will become part of our streamlined publication process. Your chapter will be paired with other authors with similar interests. Once accepted into the program, Modern Instructor will edit and publish your book, allowing you to focus on writing!

We are excited to work with you and provide you the information you need to succeed in the program and beyond. Our program includes all the tools and tips necessary to make the most of your authorship and leverage it to succeed.

Benefits to Authors

Most instructors have the dream of publishing about their experiences and knowledge gained through their careers in higher education. Finding the time to publish can be impossible. That is where Modern Instructor offers a solution.

  • Get exposure in your field by collaborating on a book with other contributors. This makes creating a book a faster, simpler process.
  • Have the benefit of professional publishing through the unique step-by-step process that Modern Instructor offers our contributors
  • Establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field, by publishing with other authors that have similar interests
  • Be heard. eBooks reach millions of readers, everyday
  • Intimidated by writing? Our programs gives you the tutorials and guidance that you need to successfully publish your eBook.
  • Collaborating with other authors gives you the chance not only to better promote your content, but to network with other experts in higher education
  • Feel confident on job applications and interviews – you’re a published author!

Would you like to learn more about contributing to Modern Instructor and becoming part of a book project? Please sign up here to receive information about upcoming projects and to learn more about how you can become a contributor!

Outside the education niche? Email us at for information about our publishing beta program for bloggers, subject matter experts, and other aspiring authors.

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